We all live in a digital world where many things become obsolete fast. Today, it’s all about the cloud. Unleash retail power through OMAK’s innovative SaaS-based cloud POS system specially designed to transform the restaurant industry. Experience increased accessibility, mobility, and greater centralization of information by remotely accessing the system from any corner of the world through a device of your choice. Conveniently maximize your profitability through innovative tools such as data monitoring, transaction history, inventory tracking, menu options, and more even if you’re offsite.
Cloud computing has been envisioned as the next generation paradigm in computation and in the computing environment, both applications and resources are delivered on-demand over the Internet as services while ensuring maximum data security at any given time. OMAK has partnered with the world’s most premium servers such as Azure and Amazon, thus guarantying 100% safety of all key information and data.
OMAK provides its innovative system at a very affordable monthly rental/subscription module with no hidden costs, eliminating the need to invest heavily on server hardware and at the start of the operation, supporting restaurants to implement the service cost-effectively. The subscription covers overall services including server hosting, 20/7 remote support and, software feature updates.
The Company’s scalable approach is exceptional providing the ability to cater OMAK’s POS solution to small, medium-sized restaurants or even complex restaurant chains, where all the restaurants are managed through one single platform. The incorporation of Hybrid Technology takes the system one step further by allowing to post transactions offline during unforeseen events such as an internet interruption. The data is stored locally until online connectivity is restored.
OMAK’s R&D team is continuously working on upgrading the system with new features and tools that align with new industry trends and technology, with a focus to provide its valuable clients a user-friendly system. The integration of Pick Me food directly to OMAK’s POS system is a new feature the team introduced to support clients to effectively streamline their Pick Me food platform operation. The new features and updates are provided to clients FREE portraying characteristics of a responsible partner. Recognized as Sri Lanka’s number one restaurant POS provider, OMAK strives to comprehend the individual needs of a client and deliver cutting-edge solutions and exceptional service at all times.
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