The Covid-19 Pandemic is forecasted to hit the global economy this year by at least 3% and restaurants, cafes, eateries, pubs, and recreational clubs in Sri Lanka are facing uncertain times to get back on track with a sound plan. Throughout the years’ organizations leveraged innovative technology as a key tool for business transformation, to develop growth strategies, and restructure operations in changing times.

Big data, denoted as a key outcome of these technology tools, is termed as an essential common component of organizational data management architectures in streamlining operations, enhance customer service, develop personalized marketing campaigns based on individual customer preferences, and ultimately increase revenue and profitability.

Modern day cloud-hosted POS systems support restauranteurs in their strategic decision-making processes utilizing big data; providing key information related to top-selling products, sales timelines, analysis of high-revenue sources and products, driving significant cost reductions.

Utilizing Data analytics empowers restaurateurs to develop effective action plans for the future that positively impacts growth goals in terms of revenue and profitability while providing key insights on consumer behaviour to enhance customer experience that elevates brand loyalty. Researches state that significant improvements in brand loyalty would increase repeat purchases, a key factor for sustainable growth.

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