The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented changes to businesses and industries across the globe. The restaurant and food service industry were one of the hardest hit by new regulations and restrictions on public safety and social gatherings. Many restaurants were forced to rethink their delivery infrastructure since it was the only means of keeping their businesses alive. Demand for food delivery services also increased exponentially and this trend appears to be growing steadily. In this backdrop it has become increasingly important for restaurants to integrate food delivery platforms into their operational processes to streamline order and delivery and maintain customer satisfaction.

OMAK POS 360 helps restaurants streamline these processes efficiently by providing seamless integration with PickMe Food with compatibility for other delivery platforms soon to follow. The system provides a number of key advantages to restaurants including catering to takeaway and delivery orders, tracking customer details, tracking delivery commissions, generating sales reports and a reduction of manual data entry. The OMAK POS 360 also provides customers with the flexibility of creating custom payment modes to track orders received via other aggregator services such as UberEats, Eatts, EatmeGlobal, Foodie, Quickee, etc.
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