Cloud-kitchen is a noteworthy business service model, whereas restaurants operate 100% in a notion of delivery only and without any dine-in space. The unique concept has been around the industry for some time but grew exponentially after the Covid-19 outbreak. Prior to the Pandemic in 2020, 70% of the global restaurant business was attributed to the dine-in segment, and 30% as deliveries, but unexpectedly the dine-in segment was severely affected due to nationwide lockdowns and travel restrictions, imposed as security measures for the pandemic. Restaurateurs had to act fast and restructure operations in alignment with this new business environment, and the cloud-kitchen concept demonstrated to be a key lifeline for the global F&B business last year.

The concept delivers numerous benefits including lower overheads, higher profits, and safety for customers while providing the owners to reach new clients across multiple demographics due to being operated through food aggregator apps such as Uber and PickMe food. The ability to achieve a higher customer satisfaction rate via providing fast service at a nominal fee is witnessed as an additional benefit, which positively impacts repeat purchase patterns.
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